Beckham's birthday bash

My baby is two years old! Wow, I can't believe that it was two years ago when he was only a 4 lb. baby! He has changed so much in the way he looks, but not much in his personality. I knew from the first couple of days in the hospital with him that he was going to be a fire ball. I am sure more than one of you have heard me mention that he is going to be my problem child. I hate to jinx myself on this, but seriously... When Ty was in his toddler years, I remember many times looking at moms of "problem" children all judgy and what not, thinking to myself, "Seriously, that mom has got to get a grip on things." Ty was just so easy going and happy to do what I told him to. This is not the case for little Beckham, and I now have great sympathy for the mothers of difficult children. Maybe his attitude comes from a big personality being trapped in such a small body. He's just got so much to do and say, that his person can't keep up with him! Oh how I love this little child. It seems that we are in a fight about 1/2 the time, but I love his strong will, determination, spunk, happiness and fiestiness. He is amazing with a soccer ball for only being two! During Ty's soccer practices he dribbles the entire time... the 4 yr olds on Ty's team can't dribble like this little soccer maniac. I guess he is living up to his name! He has developed quite the death stare. The only place I can understand where the child has learned the look is from... me... his whole first year I regret that I may have looked at him this way. I have never been spit in the face by anyone but Beckham. He does it whenever he feels the need to let me know I am not liked one bit. But besides all this spunk, he is so much fun and so loving. He loves and adores his dad, who is without a doubt the chosen one. A couple of people have told me that he is a man lover. He rarely will go to women. He just loves being with the guys! He is all boy.

Much to Beckham's unawareness, he didn't get quite the shindig that Ty got for his birthday. The whirlwind of being in Utah and being at a cabin during his big day without my special party supply closet made for a make-shift party! He hadn't a clue, and as you can see from the pictures, he loved it, but I still wish that I had given him a McQueen party. I got some McQueen cupcakes and for his Bday he got a big shake-and-drive McQueen, Mater, and Ramone, as well as some McQueen jammies that he now wants to wear day and night.


Name: Beckham Frischknecht
Age: 2
Height: 34 inches
Weight: 23 lbs (skinny minny)

Movie: Lightning McQueen
Stuffed Animal: his dog Perro
Sport: soccer, of course
Clothes: McQueen jammies
Hat: Nana's red winter hat
Song: Green Valley & Adel Veis
Toy: Lightning McQueen and Sally (one for each mano)
Breakfast food: Pancakes

Most repeated sayings:
No wannie!
Hm (this means yes)
Besos (kisses)
Choo choo
Mas hugo. (more juice)
queen (lightning McQueen)
Daddy want s'more.
Mano! (hand)
Amo! (love you)

Happy 2nd birthday to my fiesty little B-becks! We love you and love being with you! Amo!

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Brad and Marci said...

I love the dedication to Little Becks. He is amazing and so is your family! I forgot to give Ty's b-day present and I even got one for Beckham. I will get those sent off but can you send me your address so I can do that.

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