for you, mom

Happy, happy birthday! I sat down with Ty to do a list poem for your name, Nana, and here is what he came up with:

N- nice
A- annette
N- nose ("she has a nose")
A- ant ("she has lots of bugs in her yard")

If I were writing you a list poem, I would include words like, amazing, awesome, aglow, able, attractive, natural, neat, nifty, nutritious, nurturing, and neighborly. We love you mom and hope your birthday was fantastic! We miss you and hope to see you again this year!


Sus said...

if only every child could have a nana with a nose, the world would be a better place. :)

ads said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes! ! ! Please tell Ty I love his list poem and that I want to bring my nose along with any ants possible to Indiana again this year ! Luv you all ! ! !

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