great day for grandpas

I spent a day visiting my two Grandads. It was so good to see them, to sit and shoot the breeze with them. I always learn new facts about them every time I see them.

Maurice D. Jones

My Grandpa Jones is a wonderful man and grandpa. He is one of the easiest people to be around and talk to, I mean listen to. It's hard to get a word in sometimes, because once he gets going on a subject, he can go on and on about it forever, but he also loves to hear how his grandkids and kids are doing and always gives me an account of everyone in the family while I am with him. I could listen to him talk for hours. He always has a stack of library books sitting next to his chair, and spends his afternoons reading, a well educated man! He is so patient. While we were there he just sat for a while and watched the kids play, saying over and over again how fast they grow up. He is a retired Judge. He loves the opera - I went to one with him when I was a teen - it was sung in Italian. He served in WWII in the Coast Guard. He has a pesky little whipper of a snapper dog that keeps him company since Grandma died that he loves walking around Sugar House park every day. He spends every morning 5 days a week sipping Mate with his friends. His lives for and takes great pride in his family and friends and loves being visited!

James R. Swenson

Grandpa Swenson has a great sense of humor. He is such at kid at heart sometimes. He loves magic and UofU bball and football. He is a traveler. This summer he is going to England with his sister, the last two years he's gone to China and Israel as well. He started taking institute classes at the U and always tells me something new he learns from the scriptures. Every time I see him he makes me give him an account of how I am doing spiritually. I love that he cares. He is a retired Dr. of Medicine and Rehabilitation. I remember him telling us wild stories when we were little of lab rats and what would happen to your lungs if you swallowed gum. He took the kids and I to McDonald's during our visit so the kids would be occupied while we caught up. He loves eating all ethnic foods, as long as it doesn't contain broccoli. The last time I saw him we went to a Chinese restaurant, and a Greek restaurant the time before that. He always has a pair of suspenders on and is a whiz on the computer for being his age! Loves to both my grandpas!

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