sundance cabin

Matt's aunt Bobby so kindly let us use her cabin for a long weekend during our stay in Utah. The attendee's: Joan & LaMar, Zacc, us, Cynth, Justin, Luke, LoLo, and Adam. We were in good company and in the beautiful mountains by Sundance with a great view of snow capped Mt. Timpanogus. The cabin was beautiful as you can see... still chilly and surrounded in snow, but we cozied up with eachother, played games, sang songs, watched movies, explored, relaxed and had a great time!

I guess the surrounded in snow bit is perhaps too much as much of the snow had melted leaving patches here and there. Matthias found an abandoned sled, which had been buried in some snow near the edge of the canyon road and decided to give it a whirl down a 30 foot snow patch. The only obstacle was the 5 foot drop from the end of the snow to the road. First we sent the kids down and Matthias caught them, however, there was no one to catch Matthias and Zacchary. Matthias tried to jump at the end and get his feet under him, which he did, however he slipped on the loose gravel and beat up his hands pretty god trying to catch himself. Zacchary went for the gusto attempting the feat standing up, which saved his hands the trouble of Matthias' but would have sent him running off the other side of the road into . . . hazards, but for the blocking action Matthias threw at him. Probably not the best idea, but we had some good laughs.

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