100 things about me

Here are 100 things about me in celebration of my 1ooth post! WARNING: This is lengthy, but has a lot of stuff you prob would never know otherwise. Here goes:

  1. I prefer mornings over evenings. I am a sucker for chirping birds, dawn, cool air, and outdoor smell. I am most optimistic and do my best thinking in the mornings.
  2. I love treats.
  3. I have been married for 7 years. Married 11 days after my 19th Bday. I can't believe how young I was, my dad still teases Matthias that he robbed the cradle. I wouldn't trade it for anything though. It's been a fun 7 years!
  4. I love being with friends - having girl talk - a house full of boys doesn't give me much opportunity for girly things some times.
  5. I am a pretty low maintenance wife (I think!) as long as I know what time Matthias is going to be home, I am fine! Matthias gives me a lot of freedom, so I try to do the same for him.
  6. Watching a movie during the weekend is one of my favorite things to do - whether it be at home or at the theater. These days. the theatre trips are infrequent due to the 2 little boys who live upstairs.
  7. I love being crafty, but have found that I am finishing projects only 1/2 way these days. I have a quilt that is 2+ years still in the making. Everything is done except the binding.
  8. I have two little boys that make me laugh and smile every day, but who can also make me cry and scream at times too.
  9. I love teaching kids, it is one of my passions. I graduated in Elementary Education (magna cum laude, hooray for me!). It is one of my favorite things to be creative in!
  10. I make my own bread.
  11. I am the opposite of a pack rat... I throw away things too easily at times. I love de-cluttering. Less is more to me.
  12. Right now I serve in the Young Women's organization... I love working with the youth! They are so happy and fun, and facing difficult decisions with courage and optimism.
  13. I am a loud talker. On the phone especially, I unconsciously bump it up a few notches.
  14. I hate sarcasm - the kind used at the expense of others. I just can't be at ease or go along with sarcasm at times. I don't know why it bugs me, but it does.
  15. I am very gullible. If you tell me something, I will definitely believe you. This characteristic of mine at times has left me feeling dumb or embarrassed. It's not that I am an idiot, but that I believe people will tell me the truth.
  16. If I could have 2 jobs, I would be a professional swing dancer, and work in culinary arts.
  17. I love getting to know people, and love people who show an interest in wanting to know about me.
  18. I can wear socks around the house that are 1/2 way of falling off or turned around backwards. Matthias hates it, but I never notice.
  19. I am a stress eater... if I am super stressed out and there is chocolate around, I will eat it. all.
  20. Yellow is my favorite color. I think it started because when my brothers and I were little and playing the game "SORRY," Brad liked red, Eric already liked blue, so it was green or yellow for me, and yellow seemed the closest to being a girl color. It has always stuck with me. I love wearing it, and decorating with it.
  21. I was born and raised in West Jordan, UT.
  22. Indiana is the first place that I have lived outside of Utah. I have found a new love for exploring... and don't know if I will ever find my way back to Utah permanently.
  23. I secretly wish my name was spelled Andria. I don't know why, but I just wish it was.
  24. Some of my character flaws: keeping it all in til I explode, being an all or nothing person, when I want to get something fixed - I want it done now and can't focus on anything else until it is fixed. I get a bad case of the grumpies when I can't exercise or don't have any time to myself.
  25. I am really bad at drinking water. I get headaches from this. It is such a simple thing to do, I don't know what my problem is.
  26. I preach all this stuff about being eco friendly, but lately have been frustrated with the fact that it seems to be an expensive effort. Expensive local food, recycling costs me gas money, buying eco friendly products that should be cheaper but aren't. Why are recycled paper towels twice as much?
  27. I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints. The church outside of Utah is so fun and very exciting. It is our family away from family.
  28. I have been to Norway.
  29. I hate being stared at.
  30. I have a phobia of murky water... I don't like to walk on the beach and have the tide rush onto my feet because I can't see what is in it: snakes, dead fish, jutting logs...
  31. The ways I would least prefer to die is drowning and cancer.
  32. I had braces when I was 15. Thank you mom and dad.
  33. I wish I were skinnier than I am.
  34. My favorite season has always been the fall. Summer is fun, but gets too hot for comfort for me.
  35. Matthias tells me I am a back seat driver.
  36. The only day I wear make-up is on Sunday.
  37. The two things I misplace the most are my keys and my cell phone.
  38. I love having my back tickled. It puts me to sleep.
  39. My favorite kind of food is something I haven't tried yet. Followed up with a dessert of course.
  40. If I ever have a little girl, I want to name her Hazel.
  41. The thing I want most for my boys is for them to be happy, strong, and independent.
  42. I am a good listener.
  43. People think I am outgoing, but actually it is that when I feel uncomfortable around someone, I just start asking them a lot of questions. I don't know why, a nervous habit I guess.
  44. I hate doing the dishes. When they pile up, I try to hide from them. I won't cook a meal until they are done. I wish I could hire a professional dish washer.
  45. If I could go anywhere, I would go to South America.
  46. I really want to learn Spanish - so bad!
  47. I am a stomach sleeper.
  48. Someday I would love to own one really expensive piece of art. An original.
  49. I am 26 and am feeling it! I used to feel so young at 25 - -- 26 rounds up to 30.
  50. I don't like owning books, because why pay for them if you can check them out at the library? Children's books are a different story. I sometimes wonder if I really buy them for me or the kids.
  51. My favorite body part is my smile. I like to smile.
  52. I hate confrontation. I am not witty and never have a comeback.
  53. I want to go back to school someday... get a master's degree... in I don't know what, but I loved my undergrad experience.
  54. I love staying at home with my kids. We have a lot of fun together and get to do a lot together. It seems sometimes they have such charmed lives with all that they get to do.
  55. My feet are small. Size 6 1/2.
  56. I am over a foot shorter than my husband.
  57. I like to ride my bike - for exercise and commuting.
  58. My hair is longer right now than it has ever been and I love it.
  59. I love watching Matthias play soccer. The only reason I love LA Galaxy over RSL is because of David Beckham.
  60. I wouldn't say I am a good cook, but am very adventurous and like to try new recipes.
  61. I like free things.
  62. I like to blog, but don't think my blogs are very entertaining.
  63. I like to make things. If I see something I like, but it is expensive, then I will try to make it myself.
  64. I love planning parties... for kids mostly.
  65. We don't have TV. It's a waste of my time.
  66. I love little kids and babies, but don't want another baby for a long time. (after grad school). I do fear that between Beckham and the next baby, there will be too big of a gap. I don't know how I feel about starting all over again with a new born.
  67. I love to go camping, but not when it is too extreme. i.e.: big flying bugs freak me out.
  68. My favorite holiday is Halloween despite the fact that my husband refuses to participate in dressing up.
  69. I am so excited to spend our first Christmas here in Indiana. (We love you family!)
  70. I love going to the Idaho cabin. One of my favorite places to be.
  71. Sometimes I wish I had freckles. They are so cute.
  72. My two babies were born early - three weeks, and four weeks. Both times my water broke in the middle of the night.
  73. I was in a car accident right after we got married that totaled our truck. Not my fault.
  74. I get intimidated when people use big words I don't understand. Yet, I never try to find out what they mean, I just act like I am following.
  75. I hate cleaning old food out of the fridge. We are pretty good about not wasting, but I will usually set out the old food containers, and Matthias will do the dirty work.
  76. I love having colored pens around the house.
  77. I have issues with walking on grass that is not well manicured. I haven't found any well manicured lawns out here in Indiana... so I always wear my shoes.
  78. I have seasonal allergies.
  79. Gas prices are freaking me out. Almost every morning at 8:45 I listen to a report on the radio about gas, and I feel so helpless.
  80. I don't like wearing jewelry anymore (except on Sundays.)
  81. I used to teach swim lessons.
  82. Car rides put me to sleep.
  83. I love having little boys, and all boyish things involved: bugs, sports, transformers, super-heroes.
  84. I want 4 kids.
  85. My favorite garden flower is a red geranium.
  86. I love making a nice, fancy, sit down Sunday Dinner.
  87. I always get water for dinner at a restaurant, but will sip on Matthias' lemonade.
  88. Seeing blood makes me squeamish - it is getting worse as I get older.
  89. I have three brothers. No sisters. I fall third in line. (But do have 4 lovely sister-in-laws!)
  90. I know everyone says they love naps, but I really really do. I take one about every day while Beckham naps.
  91. As much as I complain about law school and all the hardships, I really love the student lifestyle at times. I can say this because it is summer right now!
  92. I would love to live out of the country for a little while.
  93. I am not competitive. I always feel bad for the team or person that looses.
  94. I have been assaulted with an office desk pen cannister. The lady that threw it at me went to jail for 3 months.
  95. I have a knee injury from running.
  96. I have scars from chicken pocks.
  97. I ran a half marathon.
  98. I am a pretty good swimmer.
  99. My 3 most favorite people in the world are Matthias, Ty, and Beckham.
  100. I hope I make it to heaven!


Shawny said...

You're a great blogger---take this post for instance! This is funny, but I totally agree with you about the grass around here. We have thought seriously about putting sod in our back yard just to have nice manicured grass!

Brad and Marci said...

I am still going I made it to 32 before Kali began crying but I WILL FINISH because I absolutely love it! You are one of the most interesting people I have ever met and I am grateful I get to be part of your life. I love everything about this blog "ANDRIA"!

Juliana said...

Good post...it was interesting to get to know a little more. I had no idea how much we have in common and also all of the cool things about you. Too bad I am bad at being a dedicated friend. I went running this morning...all by myself! I should have given you a call.

Lenzi Woodbury said...

I love this post! I'm having THE worst day at work and I'm at home for lunch reading this. I love it! How about I trade you my freckles for your: creativity, love of exercise, your love of the morning and of course your tiny feet! :) (i'm a 9 - AH!). So please elaborate on your lady that went to jail over throwing a desk pen canister at you!!! That needs to be the next post. I learned a lot about you and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Que Onda Clines said...

Loved this post Anj! It's funny to me that you have some insecurities. You are such the amazing person! I really wish I could be more like you. I loved learning more about you! We have a lot in common.:)

ads said...

I can think of another 100 great things about you Anj. You are an amazing woman and a super great daughter. We love you ! ! !

LindsSawyer said...

Love the post! Super cute hope summer is going well for you, I am in pharmaceutical sales for Johnson & Johnson...I have been doing it for 3 years and love it...I am afforded the opportunity to see much of the country through my career and it has been so rewarding! Have a fun week!

janet said...

oh.. you'll make it to heaven. but don't drown or get cancer just because.

great post. fun to learn more aboutcha.

Papa said...

Angie - you forgot to add that you are the original "Angie, the pretty one"!

Keri Hennefer said...

I loved reading this post! You are so fun, cute, and creative! It was fun to read things that I didn't know about you. Such a cute post!

Sus said...

hey, andrIa, you really are as nice as you come across! there is not one nasty thought in all 100 of these things. i am lucky to have met you! (we're back now - let's get together.)

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