Opening Prayer: Beckham (with dad's help, and only saying about every 3rd word)

A Child's Prayer

Scripture: Ty (one where Jesus teaches about prayer)

Lesson: Matthias - taught the steps of prayer we learned from the scripture.

Song: Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee

Activity: Prayer Rocks - We went on a hunt for a rock for each person and found them at a nearby stream, then brought them home and painted them to our liking. The idea is to put the rock on your pillow so when you go to bed at night, it will serve as a reminder to pray. At night after you have prayed, put the rock on the floor so when you stand up in the morning, (and step on it) it will serve as a reminder to have your morning prayer.

Closing Prayer: Me

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies with milk

Ty loved this activity and is faithfully using his prayer rock. Beckham threw his rock and broke it in half.

If you are wondering what FHE is... it stands for Family Home Evening. What is that you might say?? Well, the church that I belong to encourages families to set Monday night aside each week to have a family night where you learn about gospel principles, play games, and especially have TREATS! Basically it is time well spent as a family that can be a great source of strength for family unity, spirituality, building faith, and making memories.

What do you do for FHE? Do you have any creative and fun Family Home Evening ideas, especially ideas for little kids? OR What is your favorite activity to do as a family?


Juliana said...

I don't know if we have any great ideas but this week we prayed, read from the ensign and then went and bought dollar icecream. I know not creative but you go the point in your blog it is time set aside to bond as a family.

My Many Coloured Days said...

Fun. I was thinking about doing prayer rocks in primary just the other day! It was such a big thing when we were little and I haven't heard of it in years. I have a file cabinet full of fun FHE's if you ever want to steal ideas. We LOVE FHE over here! Loved this post.

Amelia said...

Nothing beats a Gospel Art picture kit, pick a picture and roll with it. They have a scripture which adds in. We also do swimming, sing your favourite primary songs, and invite someone in our ward who doesn't have anyone else to be with.

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