happy father's day

To the two best dad's in the world! We love you both so much and wish we could be there to spend the day with and honor you! I wish that each of my blog admirers had the pleasure of knowing these two amazing men and how they have enriched, uplifted, and blessed our lives!

My Dad, Richard.
Aliases: Papa, Rod Hog, Rich, Fly Fishing Master, Ute Fan, Competitive Tanner.

Matthias' Dad, LaMar.
Aliases: Grampa Lemon, Gourmet salsa chef, Grandpa Monster, Lemon, Surfing Extraordinaire, Cougar Fan

PS. Your presents are on the way! Still can't get the mail system down after 2 years of living out of state! We love you!

1 comment:

ads said...

You know your daddy loves you. Thanks for the Father's Day wish.

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