"my dad is bigger than your dad!"

The other day while I was driving Dixon and Ty to our house, I eavesdropped in on their conversation, as well as adjusted the rearview mirror to see them, getting the full effect. It started with Ty saying, "My dad is this big," spreading his hands about 8 inches apart in height. Then Dixon said, "Well, my dad's this big," spreading his hands about 12 inches apart. They kept on, each increasing their dad's size several inches each time, looking back and forth at each other's hands to make sure their hands were farther apart. And when they finally reached their maximum arm's length, Ty goes, "Well, my dad's bigger than your dad!" Dixon countered, "No, my dad's bigger than your dad!" (This 4 year old conversation in itself is funny, but even more funny is the fact that Dixon's dad is about 5'8'' and Matthias is 6'5''.) On it went until Dixon came to the conclusion that "Our dads are bigger than the whole world!" I love that every little boy thinks their dad is the coolest, biggest, and strongest!

I know if the boys were capable of telling Matthias that he is the best, coolest, strongest, and tallest dad, they would. I think these are some of the things that they would say about him:

Daddy is the best bean bag stunt launcher in all-known history. It causes such adrenaline in Beckham that he cries immediately after his turn is over until he gets another go.

Daddy is the best at making up lyrics, as he will make up his own words or mix up words to familiar songs/lullabies they sing together at night. Last night Beckham asked me to sing him the "Winkle Choo-Choo" song. I was confused at first but then remembered hearing Daddy sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, adding the word Choo-Choo every third word or so, making it hilarious to Beckham! I must say I was a poor substitute for the "Winkle Choo-Choo" song.

Daddy has perfected "reverse psycology" with Beckham. He can get Beckham to almost do anything. I try to imitate the reverse, but Beckham will only hold out for his daddy. I know that Beckham knows that Daddy is pulling a switch-er-oo on him, but somehow Beckham thinks it is a fun game with Daddy, so he takes the bait.

If Daddy is around, he is the best and preferred comforter, the one the boys go to when hurt, and the one who can magically draw such attention to the owie and victim that amazingly they calm down and try to show everyone else their wound. Whenever the boys get a boo-boo and daddy isn't there, they cry out, "I want daddy!"

Among Matthias' many amazing fatherly qualities, he changes diapers (using about 15 wipes for the big ones), makes a mean egg-in-a-hat for breakfast, without fail checks on the boys every night to make sure they have their covers on, can hold the boys up-side-down to walk across the ceiling, sits by and attends to the boys at dinner so that I can sit between him and the wall (strategically placing myself in a hands-off position), will spend hours playing games on the boys terms, and teases relentlessly.

Happy Father's Day - from Ty and Becks! They and I love you and love having you for their dad!


Brad and Marci said...

Matthias you are a great guy and you all are a great family. I hope you had a great day. We miss you and wish we could spend more holidays/special days with you. Take care and have a great anniversary this week (see I can get one date right if only your anniversary was birthday like I thought!)

ads said...

Father's Day Matthias. We love you and wish we could spend the day with our whole family.

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