missing: bobs

Bright Yellow Sponge Bob shoes
aka. "bobs"

They are the envy of many other 2 year olds. How can you resist the bright yellow color and silly Sponge Bob face? Infact, they have been the source of many two year old fights as they have been ripped off of Beckham's feet, intense screaming and flying fists following immediately. At first glance, I thought they were ridiculous, but when my mom bought them for him, he instantly attatched his feet to them and they have been the only shoe he has worn since March (even to church).

Bryan Park

Beckham is going on day four of shoe strike. He refuses to wear any other shoe but his "bobs." Every time I get him ready to head out the door and approach him with shoes other than his "bobs" he goes searching around the house for them, yelling "Bobs, are you?" Who knew a small child would be so attatched to an accessory. He is really cramping my style these past 4 shoeless days. The times he won't walk shoeless, or I won't let him walk shoeless, I have to push him in a stroller. Seriously.

$ one happy (shoed) boy named Beckham $


ads said...

"Bobs, are you?" By now, they are sure to be on some other little two year old's feet. We will start a search for another special and original pair of footwear, otherwise poor Beckham might be shoeless the rest of his known life.

Shawny said...

Oh no! Not his signature Bobs! I'll keep an eye out for them. Not sure how I'll snatch them off of another toddler's feet if I see them. I'll do my best!

Sus said...

Oh that is a real shame. I will keep my eyes peeled. I'll have my "eagle eyes" as Frannie says.

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