Oh, the excitement!

The unmufflered revving engines... too loud!

Nerdy, but effective.

Dixon wanted the orange car to win, Ty was routing for the blue. The orange started winning, so Ty switched his vote to the orange car. Unlike his dad, Ty is a fair-weathered fan.

No, this is not the Indy 500, but lucky for us there is a speedway in town, and Matthias took Ty with his little friend Dixon to check out the races. They sat about 7 rows up and were close enough (or not far enough away, depending on how you look at it) that clay thrown from the speeding cars landed all around them as the cars turned the corner. They had to put their drinks behind them to keep the dirt and clay out of them. Every time a piece of clay hit Ty he would give the cars a menacing look. Rather funny.

Apparantly the funniest part of the evening, for the dads, was when they took the two little boys to the bathroom. I was told that the men's bathroom had long cement trough-like stalls that ran the length of the wall. Sort of like a trough that feeds cows or something. Towards the front, right in front of where one would stand, there was a cement ledge over which one would "take care of things." This cement ledge was about 18 inches thick and about 2 feet tall, at just the right level for a 4-year-old to lean on. Well, at the same time that the two dads realized  what just might happen and, now picture this is slow motion, the two dads dashing to stop the boys while yelling"noooooo," Dixon slaps his two arms down on the wet cement ledge (which is wet from . . . wet stuff). Matthias got to Ty just before his two little arms were comfortably placed next to Dixons on the wet toddler arm rests. NICE! Needless to say, two things in that bathroom received significant, and perhaps unusual usage, the "armrests" and the soap.

Their time at the tracks was cut short as they saw a thunderstorm rushing in overhead accompanied by tornado sirens, so they bolted to the car and got there in perfect time to miss the downpour. We'll have to make a return trip sometime to watch some more races. Next time we'll take Beckham (see below) and when we go to the bathroom we might have the boys put on those long rubber gloves.

PS. Beckham was so upset he couldn't go with the boys, so I put the movie "Cars" on for him. He didn't think he was short changed one bit! He must have thought he was at the races too! I could hear him every so often yelling "Kachow!" and "Kachigga!" He loves McQueen!


Brad and Marci said...

Oh man your family sure does know how to make me laugh or maybe it's just the fact that a mom would have seen that coming before it even happened. I loved reading this fun time the boys had. Thank goodness for front row Lightening McQueen!

Keri Hennefer said...

How fun! I love the story about them in the bathroom! GROSE! That is exactly something that McKinlee would do! And I think the picture of Mathias in his RSL gear is so funny! I love that he watches the game on the computer, dressed up! I hope it brings them good luck!

ads said...

It's always an adventure with little boys. They do the "darndest" things. Thank goodness Beckham didn't feel left out with his "Cars" movie.

Que Onda Clines said...

haha. love the stories anj! We can't wait for you guys to be out here! We'll have to take some killer bike rides! see you soon

Sus said...

B has been dying to take Frannie to the speedway. I have NO interest, and Frannie is so darn dirt-averse that I think she may want to leave after the first hit of clay.

My favorite part of your post, even more than the hands in the trough, is the ear plugs. How old do you think our kids will be when they flatly refuse to wear ear plugs and are horrified that we would even suggest it? :)

Kendra said...

oh man! We drove by the speedway the other day and I was telling caleb that it is something he is definitely going to have to do with Andy before we leave here. So fun!

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