rained out

We were so excited for the holiday - Our ward planned a bike parade and breakfast and we were planning on going swimming and lighting up our fireworks in the evening. We decked Ty's bike out and rode our bikes to the church. When we were in sight of the church house, is started to downpour! Indiana rains hard! Everyone huddled underneath the pavilion while we ate breakfast. The rain didn't stop the kids from having fun though; most ventured out into the rainstorm while some kids stood at the edge of the pavilion catching the runoff in their opened mouths. The rain really put a damper on the holiday, but we enjoyed the ward members and the kids enjoyed the rain, and we mostly enjoyed eachother. Our friends had to drive us home because the storm didn't let up until the evening. We spent the rest of the day indoors, and then right before sunset we took our $40 stash of fireworks over to the elementary school to light up. It was the first year Ty was not scared. Ty and Becks sure missed their cousins today. Lighting fireworks is not the same without them!

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