RSL's most faithful fan

Matthias is a faithful fan. His two favorite: BYU football & RSL soccer. Through the good years and the not so good years, he never misses a game and is most of the time rallying the teams, always optimistic for them, but is sometimes found shaking his head and fist in disgust after 3 or 4 consecutive losses. We are not in Utah, thus are never able to attend a game, so we watch online.

And so it was no surprise after putting Ty to bed, then heading back downstairs, finding Matthias sitting with his laptop on lap, wearing his RSL jersey, and RSL hat. No, not surprising at all, but very funny to see him in completely different clothing from only minutes before when he kissed Ty ga'night. He had his game face on, and eyes glued to the screen. I had to take a picture. Only a couple of minutes into the game... so intense.

He informed me that just wearing the hat for last weeks game didn't produce a win for RSL but a loss, so he added the jersey for today's game. The result of today's game: a draw. I guess the hat/jersey combo did improve their game a bit. I wonder what he will add to his game day wardrobe next week to ensure a win.

Or maybe I should buy myself this poster of Beckerman to hold during the game.

Oh, and if you are a RSL fan, check out some of these YouTube videos of the Kyle & Javi Show. So funny.


Sus said...

okay, that is HILARIOUS that he CHANGES into his jersey and hat to watch the games. Hilarious.

Brad and Marci said...

Maatthias and his outfit reminds me of Brad and his Utah outfits! It sure would be great if their loyalty to wearing them would help out more!

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