Oh how I love the county fair: carny food, cowboys, caged animals, country music, good ol' boys hanging around the tractors, 4H club, bright colors, and rides that make me sick. What's not to like?

Some of our county fair highlights: rides rides rides, the boys went on a bajillion, Matthias chickened out and wouldn't go on the fire ball (the one that does a full loop, and stops up-side-down), papa being the official line spot saver, the pigs sleeping all over eachother, becks putting saw dust on all the animals, Becks (all on his own) putting his hands in the air for the "coaster" ride, amazing hand sqeezed lemonade, and kettle corn. The picture of me on the ride below makes me laugh every time I see it! The ride was outrageous, I don't even know how I held onto my camera and took a picture!

Every time I go to the fair, I can't help think of this song from Charlotte's Web:
Oh wow look at him now,
Zuckerman’s famous pig.
Sooey, what do you see
The greatest hog in history!
Fine swine wish he was mine,
What if he’s not so big?
He’s some terrific, radiant, humble
Thingamajig of a fine phenomenon!

My land isn’t it grand!
Zuckerman’s famous pig.
Golly, you got to agree,
He’s a real celebrity.

Fine swine, wish he was mine
So what if he’s not so big?
He’s some terrific radiant, humble,
Thingamajig of a pig
The terrific….radiant… humble
Zuckerman’s famous pig!


Juliana said...

We must have missed you at the fair!!! I am glad that you had a blast. Go County Fairs!

Shea said...

You're so sweet! You're already such a cute momma:)

Don't forget to stop by Dr Rosander's next time you're in town:)

Anna Marie said...

Hello Matthias and Andrea we got your blog from Dottie. It looks like you are doing great. Matthias Shad wants you to call us the next time you are in Utah.

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