all hallows eve


Introducing the newest 2008 members of the Justice League. The Super Friends: Beckham as Batman (thrift store), and Matthias as Flash Gordon (campus costumes). Do my kids look . . . challenged, or is it just me?


Matthias - Real (An obsessed RSL soccer fan.)
Me - Undecided am I
Ty - Tells me it is a Ghost (I never knew a Ghost with ears?) I simply carved out what he drew.
Beckham - He wanted Batman of course, so Batman he got - using a mini pumpkin.


We had a Chili dinner party at my house with some of Ty and Beck's friends and their parents an hour before going Trick-or-treating together. I invited 6 families, thinking that 1/2 would come, which is how it usually goes, right? Well, every single family came reaching a total of 34 bodies inside my place! It was a par-tay indeed! I am so glad everyone came! The kids had a blast sprinting from door to door, collecting their stash. Despite wearing a Flash costume (he really, sincerely believed it made him run faster) he sure fizzled out after an hour. It made my heart happy to see that Ty and Adam chose each other as their "buddy" and stuck together the entire night. My favorite moment of the night was the old foreigner who handed out single M&M's and peppermints. I cringed when Beckham put the M&M straight into his mouth. What to do? I hope we don't get the bird flu.


Chris said...

What? No homemade costumes by hand this year? What's your excuse, that you actually don't have unlimited time? ...lazy...

Brad and Marci said...

I think your "challenged" comment was pretty funny. They don't look challenged they look like they can save the world from all the nasty villains. Nice job on hosting a party I just wish I could have been there.

Net said...

Thanks for inviting us over. It was tons of fun. And I am also glad that Ty and Adam are getting along so well.

ads said...

I love Halloween and little super heros ! The boys look awesome and you not only made their Halloween great, but your friends as well. Way to go Halloween Queen!

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