A costume history of Ty and Beckham during their very short lives. Enjoy!

2004 - Frog (home-made)

2005 - Dashel (home-made)

2006 - Scar (old navy)

2007 - Vampire (a combo of church attire, thrift store cape, homemade bow tie)

2006 - Pirate (a doll's costume, Beckham was so teeny!)

2007 - Vampire (thrift store)


My Many Coloured Days said...

They are too cute. And seriously, handmade - what talent don't you have?

Kendra said...

love this post idea.... i may steal it!


Chris said...

And this year?

ads said...

How cute are the boys ! Happy Halloween to all !

Que Onda Clines said...

So cute! I love your boys! That pic of you as a kid was adorable too.

Brad and Marci said...

Happy Halloween! We are back and we thought of you as we flew over Indiana today. I think your vampires are even cuter than the Cullens!

Mary said...

You sure that frog costume dosn´t fit me?


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