all things must come to an end

One of the great things about going to school (at least for Matthias) is. . . intramural sports! Not only has Matthias played intramural football, basketball, and soccer every year, but the law school hosts many other sporting events that he's played in such as Soctoberfest, a Basketball tourney against the law professors, and a Softball tourney fundraiser. Wednesday night Matthias came home from his last ever intramural soccer game, and I think I sensed just a little bit of sadness, sniffle sniffle. It's been fun taking the boys to his games and watching him play, most times we were the only fans there - intramurals don't really draw out big crowds. The boys screamed his name throughout the games, and usually didn't stop until they got a little wave. The only time I've ever seen Matthias yell is at a soccer game, and it was at a short Mexican on the opposing team that was trying to fight because Matthias beat him to the ball e.v.e.r.y. time.

And so, to give you a little smile, Matthias, here are a few pics I have of your college career in intramural sports! It's a shame I didn't take more.

Aldo and Matthias were quite the pair in soccer. They set each other up for goals all the time.

Matthias probably should have gone to the doctor for this beauty. He scraped up his leg the first time sliding home during the softball tourney, and then later in the game he slid on it again, scraping the skin right off. It oozed and scabbed for weeks. I swear it was green and had a funky odor at one point.

At one of his basketball games, Matthias got hit hard on the side of the face. His vision was fuzzy for a week or two, so he had to go to the doctor to get his eyes checked. His eyes were dialated and consequently had to wear these sweet glasses on his bike ride back to the law school. We had a good laugh at the nerdyness of it all.

This was a definate highlight - for the basketball tourney the law students and professors got to play at Assembly Hall - IU's Basketball stadium - the Indiana Hoosiers are 5 time national champions!

And last here is Matthias playing in the softball tourney.


ads said...

What great memories, not only of school, but the extracurricular activities that go along with it. Matthias would be in heaven if he could find a job that values the importance of letting off steam with sporting events. If I were you Matt, I would look into that :)

Que Onda Clines said...

Sad! You guys will have to get on a coed team together or something. Can't wait to see you! GOOD LUCK WITH GRADUATION MATT!

Brad and Marci said...

Too bad you aren't around now for the softball team the other boys are playing in. Well maybe it's alright for now but when they start winning it'll be too bad!

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