just what the doctor ordered

We had such a fun Easter!! My mom came to visit - and as always, she brought the sunshine! Nothing beats having a fun visitor to play with. Mornings always start early here for Mom. The boys hopped in bed with her for some snuggle time right as the sun rose - every morning! I put a child safety lock on the outside doorknob to her room so that they wouldn't be able to get in, but without fail she kept the door open a crack so they could come in. I thought maybe she didn't realize that there was a safety lock and so I again pointed it out, but Mom insisted that if she didn't want them coming in, then she would shut her door. Mom is such a good sport - she insists sitting in the back between the two car seats.

Some of the fun memories we made:
Cheeseburger in Paradise - our traditional dinner there is always fun. Of course, Mom ordered her strawberry milkshake FIRST!

3-D movie Monsters vs. Aliens - I sent Matthias to get the boys a popcorn and he came back with 4 drinks, cotton candy, popcorn, Dots, and Licorice. After I got over thinking just how much that cost, it was super fun to have a full movie experience!

Bowling - we always get the gutter rail so that the boys can actually knock some of the pins down. It was a riot watching Bex pick up his own bowling ball and roll it down the lane all by himself. I smoked everyone - Matthias didn't believe that my strategy was all about the angles I used off of the rail. It totally was.

Bean Blossom Bottoms - see below.

Easter - It's always fun to cook with my mom. Easter morning breakfast was tastey and pretty. We had sticky buns, recycled fruit bowl, and soft boiled eggs. (Oh, Chris, that's one up on ya. . . recycled fruit bowls.)

Thanks again for coming out Mom! We love you!


Suzie said...

How fun! You look just like your mom! What a pretty easter breakfast... move closer & I'll come invade next year!

ads said...

I have to thank you all for letting me come out from time to time and invade your home. It is always so much fun for me - I love you all !

Jedda said...

cute family pics and YUMMY foodies!

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