bean blossom bottoms

One of our favorite little hikes to go on is Bean Blossom Bottoms. (You can't really call this a hike, it's more like a stroll.) BBB is a protected wetland with a built in 2 mile trail/boardwalk throughout. It is a peaceful, beautiful swamp alive with tadpoles, frogs and birds. We came prepared this time with a small net and container. The boys have wanted to catch tadpoles and frogs for some time now. Catching tadpoles was easy. The frogs were tricky little suckers though. Matthias did catch one with his bare hands, and we had two happy boys! It is now living in a make-shift aquarium, and we plan on freeing Bibs tomorrow during FHE.

BBB reminds me of the book Girl of the Limberlost. Have any of you read it? It is one of my favorite books, and is an Indiana Classic. My mom got it for me when we moved here. BBB is a Bloomington gem in my book! Spending time here is medicine for my soul!

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ads said...

BBB was a fun adventure. Thanks for the good times.

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