One of my favorites. Especially for my little shaggy haired Beckham. Beckham picked this book all on his own - off the "New Arrivals" shelf at our local Library. If you know Beckham at all, and read this book, you will definitely smile.

Leaf is a wordless book about a boy who doesn't want to get his hair cut. He runs from mom, and out into the wilderness he ventures. A bird drops a seed on his head and a leaf sprouts in his hair. After being exposed to the elements, the leaf starts to wither. With the help of his mutt, the boy figures out a way to keep the leaf alive. Sadly, mom gets hold of him and snips all his locks off. Sad as he is, he takes the pile of hair with the preserved seedling and plants it on a hill. You'll have to check the book out to see what happens next.

A delightful book. If you have a boy with long hair, they will love it. Any child would love this book really.

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ads said...

Beckham is such a hoot - way to go picking out a book about his very situation. I know he won't grow things in his hair though :)

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