an outdoor labor day

Have I ever mentioned that we love State Parks? Well, we do. We spent our Labor Day weekend between two here in Indiana.

Brookeville SP highlights:
  • camping with the Hanselmanns and s'mores
  • off the charts humidity; even the inside lining of our tent was dewy
  • Ty and Eagan pretending to be robots, conversing only in robot mode
  • the spotlight moon, eerie fog, and kids running with glow sticks
  • playing on the beach at Brookeville Reservoir

McCormick's Creek highlights:

  • trekking with our Russian friends, the Ruegseggars
  • being the only peeps brave enough to swim in a chilly pool. We couldn't resist, it was the last open day of the season.
  • catching Bentha Macro-invertebrates. Clockwise from top left insect: Dobsonfly larvae, Mayfly larvae, Crayfish, Water Penny (my personal favorite which Beckham caught.)
  • learning to identify poisonous snakes. The knowledge we gained was overwhelming. I envy the job of a State Park naturalist.
  • jumping off the swings mid-air. I haven't done that in ages.


Eric & Nicole Swenson said...

I can't believe they caught all those creatures.. haha your def. a boys mom :) thats a compliment for sure! The swimming pictures are adorable.. we hope beck is being happier from the sleeping on the stairs and being way sad..

ads said...

What a fun, and busy, Labor Day weekend. I'm sure it was very labor intensive for you, but looks like soooo much fun !!!

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