a witchy halloween

Beckham as

Ty as the
Green Power Ranger

A lack of creativity on my part, a trip to the thrift store, and only $10 later, we tricked out super-hero style. Beckham really wanted to be Superman. Ty, however, requested to be a hot dog, the Beast, and a vampire. With his ever changing mind, we found this and he seemed satisfied.

I hate feeling let down after a should-be fun holiday. I only let down myself, that is. I was quite grouchy and not in the Halloween spirit. Disregarding that I have the power to choose my own attitude, I'll put the blame on the fact that Ty came down with the flu and has been a little high maintenance the last 3 days, and Matthias was absent a big chunk of the day helping with 2 moves.

I hope I didn't scar my kids memory of Halloween by being witchy. Too bad I didn't dress the part, they would have thought I was a great actress! I'll try to forget the witch I was, and instead remember how cute and happy my little super-heroes were tonight!


ads said...

The boys look absolutely super-de-duper powerful in their super hero costumes, and how can you beat $10? They are such cute little guys. And, I'm sure, that even in a witchy mood, you are still pretty much an angel. That's what you should have dressed up as.

Que Onda Clines said...

I agree with your mom! You are too hard on yourself. :) what handsome super heroes!!

Papa said...

Beckham is his happiest when he has candy! These are great pictures, we missed all of our grandkids on Halloween except one little monkey (Cash) who came to visit us. I especially love the last picture!

karlin said...

i'm glad other people have witchy days too! :)

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