For you townies who didn't attend the Pumpkin Party at the Hilltop Garden and Nature Center, remember it for next year. It was only a $1 to attend and just the type of small town celebration that I love, complete with a Jug Band, fresh cider and brats, pumpkin pie bake-off, a Magic Show, crafts, and a pumpkin launch. It was quaint and chill, but a fantastic display of fall goodness. I had stepped back in time.

I was fascinated with the jug band. Their music was toe-tapping great and I LOVED seeing them use the washboard and jug, wow.

Get a load of this magician, Jack the Top Hat. His magic was amateur, but he was so fun to watch with the kids, they loved him and I loved his Indiana accent. He was terrific!


ads said...

Small town fun can't be beat. Bloomington reminds me of the great times I had when growing up and going with Grandpa Lew to Brigham City . . . Peach Days, 4th of July celebrations, Peach City Drive-in, the community swimming pool. Ahhh, those were the days. What wonderful memories your boys will have.

ads said...

Papa said: did you see your buddy Kenny at the event? He is such a good looking Amish dude, you know!

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