first snow

It has become tradition to celebrate the first snow with a snowman and a wintery treat. Ty had to spend the day at school (how sad he was!), and Matthias was in DC, so it was up to Beckham and I to create a snowman fitting for the first snow. This was in Indiana - December.

This year's snowman is sporting:
  • a Chilean wool hat
  • meat thermometer for an eye
  • play dough container for the other eye
  • a carrot nose
  • twiggy mouth
  • scarf that Zaccy made Matt
  • Beckhams mittens
We topped the day off with gingersnap cutout cookies.


Brad and Marci said...

I wish I could finish off my day with one of those cookies! They look way cute and SOSOSOSOS good.

Joseph and Amy Katschke said...

Your boys are so cute!! It was fun to get an insight into your family. I was getting excited reading your blog because many of the things you used to describe yourself, fit for me too. Esp. the party planning, social, early bird, and running. I love to run, after some health issues I am getting back into it. Anyways, I am very excited to meet your family in person! Good luck with the move!

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