christmas pageant

The last time I attended a church Christmas Pageant was at age 14, when I was in the Young Women program. I was suckered into playing the role of Mary. I remember being quite uncomfortable stuffing a pillow in the bath robe I was made to wear (which was one of my youth leader's, eeew) to make myself look pregnant. I felt extremely silly when I had to turn away from the audience to throw out the pillow and replace it with a baby doll in my arms. To make it worse, I had to sit next to one of the grody Young Men, who played Joseph. I was quite immature at that age, and still thought boys had cooties. I felt I had sinned playing that role. ;)

The primary put on a cute little play of the Nativity at our Ward Christmas party this year. Ty was such a ham and was more interested in flapping his arms in his over-sized robe than singing Christmas songs. We loved having Matthias with us. It was such a sweet time for us.

Ty is still holding on to the belief that Santa is real, even though some of his friends insist it is all a hoax. Just to be sure Santa was the real deal, Ty asked Santa if he could pull his beard. Santa was kind enough to acquiesce. Real he was.


Suzie said...

You guys have the cutest boys!

Eric & Nicole Swenson said...

Oh my! How adorable! I love those boys! You and mattais look so cute! I'm glad he has been able to come back for a bit.

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