filling in the gap

Between Indiana and Sheridan, Ty, Bex and I lived with my parents in Utah while Matthias was working and seeking employment in DC. Although it was a very challenging time, actually, probably the hardest experience we as a family have ever gone through, being with family in Utah made it a little more bearable. My parents and Matthias' parents were our greatest supporters and really helped us get through those months of being apart. Spending time with cousins lifted the boys spirits. 

One day the boys begged to take a bubble in Nana's jet tub. After she filled the tub with the right bubble/water ratio, she turned the jets on and the bubbles grew, grew, and grew!  The boys loved it! She had to turn the jets off to keep the bubbles from overflowing.

We were in Utah for Ty's 6th birthday. Luckily, Matthias came to town for his birthday. We had a family party at classic skating where all the cousins came and both grandparents had little parties with a cake and candles. He loved celebrating his birthday with cousins! 

We went to a climbing gym while we were there, and Ty went to a climbing class. We weren't there long enough to get into it, but Ty was hooked. We went another time with a friend of mine who competed internationally in climbing and she showed us a great time. Ty really is a great climber. He got all the way to the top - I couldn't even do that! 

We love our families for so many reasons - thank you for taking care of us those 3 months in Utah!

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