the mysterious case of the teacher luncheon

Eager to get involved in my new community and Ty's new school, I joined the PTO. At my first PTO meeting I volunteered to help set-up for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on May 11th. A few days ago I received an email reminding me of the luncheon, and that's where the mystery began.

Monday, May 3, 2:48pm

Good Afternoon!

You indicated that you would be interested in helping with teacher appreciation week at Woodland Park Elementary. It is this week and we could use a little help for our Cinco de Mayo luncheon on Wednesday.

We have been planning on feeding about 40-45 people and we still need volunteers to bring Spanish rice, cornbread or some other side dish that is not nachos (we have those). We could also use some regular soda, lemonade and/or iced tea. We have some cookies coming for dessert but nothing else. If any of you would be able to provide any of these items, we'd like to have them in the teachers' lounge by 11:00am Wednesday. Please let me know so I can plan accordingly.

Thank you,
Emilia B.
Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator

Seeing that the luncheon was now a Cinco de Mayo luncheon and had also changed to the 5th, I replied to her email to verify that the luncheon was indeed this Wednesday, the 5th, and not next week on the 11th.

Tuesday, May 4, 1:44pm

Hi Emilia,

I must be wrong, but I thought the luncheon was next week on the 11th? Did it change, or did I just write the dates down wrong? I had planned on coming to set up and I am bringing a cake.


Hoosier Mama

In to which she responded:

Tuesday, May 4, 1:47pm

Hi Hoosier Mama!

The luncheon is tomorrow, the 5th, since it is teacher appreciation week this week (and Cinco de Mayo). Will that still work for you to help out? I really appreciate your willingness to help and make a cake.


In to which I responded:

Tuesday, May 4, 3:21pm

Sure, no problem. That will work out fine!



And she replied one last time:

Tuesday, May 4, 3:24pm

Wonderful! I look forward to seeing you!


And so I followed through with the simple task of baking a coconut cream cake, and took it with me to help set up for the luncheon. When I got to the office, I asked where I needed to go for the luncheon. Linda, the sweetest office secretary you'd ever meet, looked at her calender and then told me she was unaware there was a luncheon today. It was her understanding that the event was next Tuesday, the 11th. I told her that it was supposed to be in the library, so she called the librarian to see if that was the case. The librarian confirmed that it was not today. Just to make sure, Linda asked the principal when the luncheon was. The principal went to ask a teacher if the luncheon was today. Again, the answer was no.

Nice, I thought. Was this initiation into PTO - trying to see if I would really follow through with a task? Was it Hoosier Daddy who had someone email me, trying to give me a good reason to make dessert? Was it a disgruntled PTO member taking revenge on all members of the PTO? Confused as I was, I went home, ate a piece of my cake and typed up a little email to Emilia, trying to hide the annoyance I was feeling.

Wednesday, May 5, 11:17pm


I went to the school to set up, and they told me that the luncheon wasn't until next week? They said it was rescheduled to the 11th. I am confused. I would still be happy to help. If you still need me, please call 9783668.



A little later Emilia responded:

Wednesday, May 5, 3:26pm

I'm not sure who you would have talked to because we just got done cleaning it up. Did you go to Woodland Park Elementary? I will try to call you this evening to see if you would like to help set up tomorrow for chocolate day. I'm sorry for the confusion. I'd be interested in knowing who you may have talked to at the school.

Thanks for your eagerness to help!


WHAT was going on? Am I in the twilight zone? What does she mean,
Did I go to Woodland Park Elementary? Duh. I know where Ty goes to school. I drop him off every morning.

So I continued on with my day, slightly perturbed by the whole fiasco, still wondering what in the world was going on.

At approximately 3:30pm I recieved a call from the PTO president...

... to be continued.

This little story is true. Can you solve the mystery?


Papa said...

That is totally in the twilight zone! I say that you either are communicating with a Woodland Park Elementary located in some other city, or you some how got a hold of Papa's pain meds and took to many!
Love, Papa

ads said...

I can't wait to hear how this mystery ends :)

Suzie said...

You can't leave us hanging! What a great mystery! Glad to be able to catch up with you guys again!

Mary said...

I must permanently live in the twilight zone because this kind of stuff happens to me all the time.......

Ms. Dottie said...

Ok I need to know the ending too. What is going on??

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