the bexster is 4

Bex is his own little dude, and nobody, no nobody, can sway him to be any other way. And I love him just how he is. I love how, even in the dead of winter, he wears shorts and t-shirts. I love his love for all things green. He still hates being buckled in the car. He eats oatmeal almost every morning, and still refuses to eat salad, but I still try to give it to him, even though he always passes it on to Ty's plate. His pants must always be tucked in his boots. His shoes can not be tied too tight or be too loose. Oh, but he can say the most beautiful prayers. He has such a thankful heart. I love this little man. Happy Birthday my swunky (sweet+spunky) little boy.

wearing his new green shoes in his birthday-bombed room

picture courtesy of ty: the birthday banner

Singing to Bex with his cool soccer cake - not made by me, but i would have if only we didn't pass through the bakery yesterday. Bex couldn't pass it up. If only I had known the only reason he wanted this cake was for the yellow haired soccer player.

His new friends. i called all of them this morning to come over for a lunch play date. They raided the costume box and are such a cute bunch. Bex was thrilled.


Shawny said...

Yay, you're back! Bex is definitely a cute little dude! He looks so much older with short hair!

ads said...

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Beckster, happy birthday to you! We love you and hop your birthday was great.

Papa said...

Happy Birthday Beckham! We've been missing you all day!

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