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As you already know, I love small towns, and I just might like this town. Well I better, because I'm here... as in living here. Ty's school invited children's author, Cowgirl Peg, to come out for the day. She read her books to them at school and then came to autograph her books later that evening during the school's Western Spring Fling. I am still giddy from what a fun night it was. It's this type of event that brings the girlishness out in me.
boys with author, Cowgirl Peg

The boys already had boots, but no cowboy hats. It was a must, as all the kids wore their duds, boots, and hats to school that day. I took them over to the Boot Barn and told them I was only buying a hat if they really loved it. Bex's eyes went immediately to the "Woody" style hat and declared, "I love that one!" Ty was more cautious in his choosing. He tried on 3 hats in front of a wall mirror before he found his love and quietly said, "This one."

A local band, the Craft Brothers, played for the evening. The music was fun and there was lots of dancing. The kids had been practicing different western dances in P.E. The walls were lined with chairs where most of the parents sat, but Hoosier Daddy and I couldn't sit for long. We joined the kids, and both grabbed a miniature partner. I had Ty, and HD had Bex. The only thing that was missing from the evening was a heel clicking dance with my handsome husband. Aw shucks.
snapped one of bex playing chase

Ty showing off his cool dance moves

The funniest part of the evening was when a sweet but demanding 8 yr old girl captured Bex. When I saw him dancing, I snuck up to watch how it would all play out. They danced the whole song, Beckham cool as a cat. When the song ended, and the next one began I heard Beckham say, I need to go see my Mom and Dad. And so he left. The girl followed. She insisted he come dance again. Beckham replied "I'm tired." And that was that. After she left, he was off again running around.

the dance

Ty with his buddies, the twins

the Craft Brothers


ads said...

Looks like a frolickin', fun evening. Ty and Bex both "Cowboyed Up" by gollie. I'm sure you will get to jingle your spurs with Matthis at the next Western Fling night.

Papa said...

The boys are so cute! I can't wait to square dance with you all sometime soon.

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