Episode I of Adventures in DC

While Matthias was in DC, he wrote the boys a few letters. I kept them on my night stand and read them some nights right before bed. It makes me sad thinking back on that time, and am so grateful to be out of that situation! Thank you to so many people who helped us through those months!

December 2nd, 2009

Ty and Becks,

I hope that you are having a fantastic day, of course, however fantastic it might be it likely cannot be incredibly fantastic simply because I am not there, and as is well known, fantasticness is difficult to achieve without me. I am thinking you will get this on Friday or Saturday. I am writing this on Wednesday evening as I am about to go to sleep. I figured a few letters might help brighten your and the boys days. I will try to relate some of the simple things I experience that tell me I am in DC and not Bloomington (aside from the fact that you all are there and I am here.)

This morning I hurriedly walked to the bus because I wanted to get to work before some of the other intern and fellows, you see sometimes there aren't enough computers and whoever arrives last has to figure something out.

So, I get to the road where the bus will come and wait for a few minutes and here it comes... and there it goes... right by me without stopping. I start to walk and by the time I get to the metro, four more buses have passed me. I guess I should have just waited a bit longer before deciding to walk. Anyways, I get to the Metro and climb on board. The metro is quite full this morning, we are all packed in tight, so tight that some people don't need to hold on to anything, they just lean into the people around them. I appreciate being tall in these situations because I can still see what's going on. The girl by me is short like mom so she can only see people's backs, she probably fees like she in in a cave.

I finally get to work an held the door for someone carrying a Christmas tree in a box. Finally, after climbing 5 flights of stairs I arrive at the office to find that I am the last on to arrive. The only computer left is the Congressman's in his office, which I am told to use because he won't be in until later. While the Congressman's office is very nice (especially the chair) I am a bit nervous sitting in this very important person's chair. He ends up coming in a bit later and I feel a bit sheepish. He is very nice and we introduce ourselves, he is not staying as he has a meeting elsewhere so I get to stay at his desk.

After work it is raining and I don't have an umbrella, so I hurry to the metro. I end up going the wrong way on the metro so I have to get off and switch to the right train. (silly me) I then decide to get off early to apply for a job. Problem is it is still raining and I am umbrellaless. Once on the street I cannot figure out which way to go so I walk up and down the street for a few minutes trying to figure it out. By now I am pretty wet but I decide to get an umbrella anyways from the hotel gift shop. Now with an umbrella I go to the restaurant, fail to really communicate with the manager so I walk back to the metro laughing at the decision to apply for a job there. The manager was so confused with me. HA!

Back on the metro something is wrong, the train stops for at least 10-15 minutes in the middle of the tunnel and does not move. Maybe there were some Ninja Turtles in the way? Eventually we arrive, I get off the metro and on to the bus. The bus driver let's me rid for Free! Hooray! then get off the bus, walk back to Kathy's and go inside where I change out of my wet pants. What a crazy, silly day. Most of what happened today tells me I am not in Bloomington anymore. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

I hope you have wonderful days in Bloomington! I love you TyTy, I love you Beckham, and I love you Andrea more than you know! I miss you all and can't wait to be together again. Make sure you are all kind to each other and that you show each other the love in your heart.



PS. I will try to work on my penmanship.

PPS. I forgot to tell you that the Congressman doesn't sign his own letters, he has a machine that signs for him. The machine holds a pen and signs the same way he would.

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ads said...

Wow, what adventures Matthias had in DC, and so glad that you are all together again . . . having adventures together.

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