mystery solved

The Mysterious Case of the Teacher Luncheon continued...

On the phone, the PTO President apologized for the confusion today. I insisted it wasn't a problem. She asked me who was emailing me. I told her it was Emilia. (At this point I still did not no anyone's name in the PTO, except Emilia. I had only been to one meeting so far.) She said she had no idea who that was. So I said, "Wait, you're telling me, that there wasn't a luncheon at the school today?" She said that it was next week, May 11th.

Then it clicked! I quickly explained it to the Pres, and we had a good laugh.

Here is my final email to Emilia:

Wednesday, May 5, 5:28pm


OK, I figured this out!! You must be from Woodland Park in Indiana!! Our family has moved from B-town to another state and my son attends Woodland Park in our new state! Ha! I am laughing so hard about this. I had signed up for their Teacher Appreciation Luncheon which is next week and so when I got this email I was very confused but assumed it was our new school because I have never received an email from WP Elementary in B-town before. And so I followed through after I received your email by going to our new school with the dessert to help set up. Both the principal and secretary were very confused by me and told me it was next week. HA! The PTO president from WP Wyoming just called to apologize about the confusion and we figured it out. Anyways, have a good laugh and a good day!



I thought it was great that Ty got to go to another Woodland Park Elementary, but after a week of being here, it didn't cross my mind again. And because I hadn't been involved in the PTO in Indiana, I assumed I was corresponding with the new PTO.

Hope you had fun with this little mystery!


Net said...

Hey, I just found your new blog today. This story is hilarious. I recognized the name Emilia as I have worked with her before, but it took a minute for me to figure out what was going on. That is so funny. Glad you got it all worked out. And I am glad to see you are doing well. We miss you all.

ads said...

How unusual is that to go to two different Woodland Parks in one year. That really is a crazy, funny story. One to remember when you are the PTO Pres. someday!

Suzie said...

How funny!

ads said...

And here I was thinking that you stole my pain meds and had taken just a few too many! I love that you took a cake to the wrong place - such a dutiful mother! Love, Papa

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