family bookshelf

Cozy on up to a good book.
Here's what we are reading:


Not a lot of reading going on in this book, but a lot of looking and telling mom what plane he wants made. His favorite so far is the AeroBat.


Hoosier Daddy has been reading this book to Ty before bed. Ty loves the main character, Matthias, and smiles every time Cornflower is mentioned. What a grand adventure!


A book written by Ty, given to me on Mother's Day. So precious, the pictures are adorable.

I needed a good Western to read now that we live out West. Will Gus choose Lorena or Clara? I'm loving this book, although the word 'poke' is terribly overused.

Hoosier Daddy

An eye opener, if you want your eyes opened. "Be careful of dinner" is right.


ads said...

Dad and I really enjoyed Lonesome Dove way back when. I might have to read it again. I just finished a book by Raymond Khoury named "The Last Templar", rather Dan Brownish. It was also like Dan Brown in that it had a part that just goes again your grain. If you can overlook that, it was a very good read.

Matthias always chooses very interesting books to read, not the usual books like me.

Joseph and Amy Katschke said...

That is a cool idea for a post, I had to comment and let you know that I am about 50 pages into the Lost Symbol and enjoying it. Thanks for the recommendation! See ya tomorrow night!

Jedda said...

Hello again! I was just thinking of you and excited to see your email in my box! love the book picks :)

Papa said...

Good post girl! I just finished Term Limits, by Vince Flynn (very good), and Lee Wulff on Flies, (interesting but would bore you to tears) by Lee Wulff, and am almost done with Small Fly Adventures - Angling for Larger Trout, by Neale Streeks with is very good and certainly will make fishing this year interesting as I try to implement some stuff in my approach, which I am certain will add at least 3-4 inches to my average catch! We have some books for you if you are interested.

Brad and Marci said...

I am sure glad you are back up and running! We have missed you guys so much already and I am glad to hear you guys are getting along well.

As for our reads I am only reading the kids picture books for now because for Cole's summer break we are going to read as much Harry Potter together as we can. Matt's book sound interesting/different what's it about?

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