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We've been line drying our clothes. Not because we are trying to be environmentally conscious, but because we kinda have to, at least for now. You see, we have a dryer, but it's a gas dryer, and the house we are renting only has an electric hook-up. Because we are just starting out in the real world, we are trying to spread out our first few big purchases. The problem is, deciding which of the few should come first... 2nd car, couch, dryer, and lawn mower. It's not like we are replacing old items, it's that we don't have any of these items. We left our college years couch in B-town, have only ever needed one car, and have never had a lawn to trim. I've always been resourceful and able to make do with what I have, but now we are out of school and have a job, we can actually plan to make big purchases like these... very exciting! And so back to the issue, which to buy first?

I must say, it's really not that bad, not having a dryer, although, I can't get used to our towels feeling like sandpaper.

Perhaps I can wait a little longer to make a household purchase and go summer clothes shopping instead!

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ads said...

You are a good, frugal and resourceful girl. I don't think I ever went without a washer and dryer. I just wouldn't do it. It is exciting though to think that those purchases are in the nearer future than before.

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