the art of summer camp

We are in the middle of a summer camp frenzy!
Last week Ty had soccer camp every morning at 8am, and Bex had his half day Adventure Camp. So far, this tops all summer activities!

Beckham's camp consisted of differently themed days, his favorite being super hero day. He was most excited about all of his new friends and the activities they got to do, splash park, pool, slip 'n slide, cooking, play land, etc. His favorite counselor was Sarah, when I picked him up every day, Sarah was usually reading to him, or building legos with him. It was so fun to watch him walk around with his backpack and lunch box. He is getting so big, and I love how excited he is that he finally gets to do the things Ty has been doing all these years. I mean, summer camp is fun, but the fact he gets to carry a back pack and lunch box really gets him excited! When we left every morning he insisted on wearing his backpack from the door to the car, which is approximately 6 steps. Cute.

Ty loved his soccer camp. He reported that he got better at hustling and came close to scoring a goal at the end of camp round robin. He got a pair of rad green YMCA soccer socks that he wore every day. I am also amazed at how grown up he is getting - this is the first time that I have dropped him off and haven't had to get out of the car to walk him to his destination. It was pretty great, and very convenient!

This week Ty is in an all day outdoor adventure camp (8am-4pm) in the mountains. I don't know who is more excited about it, him or me?? Not because he gets to be away all day, but because of all the cool things he gets to do! This camp is the mother of all camps - he comes home with all sorts of adventures he's been on. So far he's done Riflery, Geo-caching, canoeing, swimming in a lake, box braids with boondoggle (he brought it home, and I said "No Way! I used to do that!"). Later in the week he'll be challenged in archery, rock climbing, and hiking. I am so excited for him, and so proud of him. He has such a positive attitude and is so friendly to all the kids there. I can't help but want to go with him!

What have I been doing with all this time on my hands?? Relaxin bubbleaxin of course! I've had lots of time to exercise, read books, and enjoy the sun. Matthias on the other hand is studying for another bar exam. Absolutely dreadful. However, we do have a cherry to top the end of our summer camp extravaganza. My parents are coming out for the 4th and we are going to party hard. Two days after they leave, Matt's parents, siblings and nieces are coming out to play. I can't wait!


Papa said...

What darling boys! I am so glad they are enjoying life in your new home. Maybe Ty can teach me a thing or two, or at least take me on a treasure hunt!

ads said...

I love he photo sequence of Ty running toward you . . . you must have an awesome camera. Your boys are really getting soooo grown up, and what sweeties they are. Yea, summer camp!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! They are both growing so fast!! That's cute about him having to wear his back pack into the house even though it's only 6 steps haha so adorable!

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