full house = fun house

Joan & LaMar, Emily and her two munchkins, and Zack-attack all came up to our place for a long weekend visit. We jammed in as much as we could and had a great time with them. The boys were ecstatic for their first-ever cousin visit and loved having Molly and Abby with them! I loved playing with baby Abs - she made me want my own baby dolly.

It is becoming a trend to hit the Boot Barn (I love saying Boot Barn) every time a visitor comes to town. And hit it we did. Emily scored some gorgeous red boots, Molly some adorable brown boots and a pink "woody" hat. Joan and LaMar got the boys some chaps with matching leather vests (Bex wears his almost every day). And Joan searched the town (really, the entire town, as all the shops are found on Main street) for the perfect cowboy and cowgirl hats for cousins that couldn't make the trip. I am kicking myself for not getting a shot of the kids in their western wear. They were adorable - if you saw them you surely would want to get your picture taken with them. Ah!

Em and Zack joined Matt for noon ball at the Y while the kids spent time at the park and splash fountain - those crazies love playing soccer with each other, and LaMar loves watching them.

We went up the mountains one evening for some hiking. Only the toughest made it to the falls (I'm telling you, the grandchildren in the family inherited that determined Frischknecht blood.) Zaccy made up some diddies with the boys on the long car ride down the mountain. Our favorite goes like this:

Rollin' rollin' rollin' down the river now,
We'll be paddlin' paddlin' paddlin' through the rapids now,
Gonna show ya show ya, show ya, how to catch that trout,

With your bare hands and a knife.

One night Matt grilled up some pizza - soon to be on Hoosier Cook - it was good. After, Joan strummed the guitar while we sang. I love that when we are with Matt's family, there is always, ALWAYS music. Joan played my favorite, Edelweiss.

We had a blast with you all and I hope that you come again someday. We are so excited for Ferron, which will not only mean that we get to hang out and sing with you again, but will also mean Matt will be done with yet another bar exam!

To end this lengthy post, Matt and the boys made up a second verse to the River song. It goes like this:

First ya catch it, catch it, catch it with your right hand now,
Then ya stab it, stab it, stab it with your left hand now,
Then ya cook it, cook it, cook it in the fire now,
Then ya eat it, mmmmmmm, that's nice.

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ads said...

Clever new fish tune - glad you had fun with Matt's family, and yeah, the Boot Barn rocks !

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