We drink hot chocolate every morning up at the cabin. Well, not everybody does, but I do. Even in the summer. I've always loved the hodge podge of mugs at the cabin. I am certain each mug has it's own little story, though they have been there ever since I can remember, so I wouldn't know the history. Here are our favs.

My favorite because of the shape and painted scenery. To me, it is THE cabin mug. I like my hot chocolate with enough milk that it is drinkable, but not too hot. I don't want to blow on it.

Hoosier Daddy likes the tall and slim mug, just like him. He likes his hot chocolate hot hot hot and to sip slowly.

Ty's favorite is the Phantom of the Opera mug, only because the mask is gray to start and then changes to white when you add hot liquid inside. Cool. Ty likes his hot chocolate warm with milk.

Well, Smeeky loves Christmas mugs. This or the one with the Christmas tree on it. Bex likes his hot chocolate cooled as well, with marshmallows, and to sip it from a spoon.

I would like to start a collection of my own. One from here, one from there. Variety is nice.


ads said...

I love the cabin mugs . . . my fav is also the Phantom of the Opera, but I might just have to pick a new one, since we should all have our personal favorite mugs. I like hot choc in the mornings too !

Anonymous said...

I love the cabin and most of all washing all the mugs.. haha ;0) I got excited when you guys were talking about making coco.. but come to find out it's butter.... haha i felt dumb after i found that out.

Papa said...

I am surprised that Bex didn't require his hot chocolate in a green mug!

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