goodbye small town

I've lost interest in blah-ging. No reason. But wanted to spit out a little update in our lives... Matthias is being transferred to another town for a job opportunity, a transfer within the firm.  He is to get the office up and running there. It is a good move supposedly and he will be able to focus more on his interests in natural resource law. While we aren't thrilled with the area, we are looking forward to a couple things. Being closer to family, having more than just a WalMart to shop, being closer to a major city, having more opportunities for the boys. Oh, and I have a cousin only a half hour away, yay! 

I think I can officially call this new town a city, though it is not a big one. We went down for a visit and found a cute little place to live. I took Ty in to his new school and he loved it. The city had a nice community feel. I am optimistic, I think. I am going to miss this small town, more than I thought I would. But like B-town, I will have fond memories and look back on this as a growing experience. 

As nervous as I was to do the small town thing, I could totally do it again. My 10 favorite things about a small town. 

  1. News travels fast. When we found out we were moving we told 2 people, and by the next day it seemed as if everyone knew.
  2. People are very friendly and eager to help. I have boxes coming out of my ears. People are just dropping them off. Is that a hint??
  3. Small towns are laid back, something I desperately needed to experience. Sometimes I go about my life a little too intensely. 
  4. Sense of community. Activities like the Christmas Stroll.  Closing down Main Street for festivals. Community Christmas dinner. Park movie nights. Community support of local businesses and the YMCA. Food co-op. Branding parties. The whole town attending the High School Football games.
  5. Knowing almost everyone. Going to the store takes a lot longer than it used too. I can't get out of the store without having a conversation with at least 2 people. You say hi to everyone and every says hello to you. On the radio yesterday, the host announced the name of the "Local Business Person" of the week. They said that if you saw him, Bob, this week, to say hello and congratulate him. I didn't see him, but wished I had. The newspaper is full of people I know.
  6. Getting to know the local restaurants really well. Because there are only 5, the menu becomes very familiar and you can order rather quickly. 
  7. Ability to save money. The stores I want to shop at, or the products I need are not here. I have become a very savvy online shopper. My mom and dad call me to find items online for them now.
  8. Western wear and rodeoing are not unpopular here. A nice pair of boots is a must.
  9. Highest speed limit is 30. I learned that my second day here when I was pulled over for going 36.
  10. The men here are very gentlemanly! I've never had so many doors held open for me in my entire life! 

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