new year, new place

2011. Brad and Marci and kids meant to come out to spend the new year with us, but after 2 hours into their drive to see us, they had to turn around because of snowy roads. We were super bummed, but glad they played it safe.  As much as we like eachother in our own little family, we had so much food, really a schmorgusboard, that we wanted to share it with others, so we tried to recruit people to our party. We only knew two people in town... our 80 year old neighbor, Margaret, and Matt's boss. We called Margaret up to come and party with us, but she denied us because she goes to bed at about 6pm.  Matthias attempted to call his boss, but right after he punched in her number, he put the phone down... it would be too weird. I tried to get my cousin to come up, but she had plans. So we stuffed our selves silly, continued our night making party hats with the boys and played the Wii. At about 11pm, I hurriedly changed the clock in the kitchen to read 6 minutes before midnight. Told the boys to hurry and get ready to bang pots and pans because the new year was minutes away! They rushed in and were so excited. We counted down, made a ruckus, then did our traditional sparkling cider toasts. Bex begged to do a glow-stick dance-a-thon like last year. We each took a turn choosing our favorite song and showed our best moves. The boys showed off their break-dance moves, I did the worm, and Matthias laughed at all of us.  It was a riot and there isn't any other group of people I would want to be with in 2011!

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