grandparents are the greatest!

Sweet Joan and LaMar drove out here for a weekend visit. The boys were so excited to see them and it came at such a perfect time. The weather had been wearing on us, and though it didn't let up while they were here, it seemed as if Joan and LaMar brought their own sort of sunshine. They really spoiled us and we loved every minute of it. Joan got some little crafts and trinkets for the boys to enjoy.  They took us to a movie and out to Mc D's to get the kids happy meals. They painted bird houses with the boys while Matthias and I went to a church thing. It was the biggest treat ever to be with them. One night we stayed up late reading Oma's life story. It was fun to get LaMar's view on growing up, and we have a greater appreciation for what our families have gone through to make them who they are today.

The boys are  faithfully filling their bird houses with seed, and now we have birds on our porch every morning. What a fun reminder of their Grandma and Grandpa and how much they are loved. We love you so much Joan and LaMar, thanks for brightening our lives!

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