Bex and I took a litle trip down to Vegas to meet my parents and Chris' fam for a little R&R. Ty and Matthias were good sports to stay behind to go to school and work, and we missed them being there. 
Bex and I had a super fun time being with family. 

Cash and he were a riot together. Cash followed Bex around everywhere he went, they played cars almost the entire time, and had lots of fun in the pool together. Nana brought a little Easter egg hunt for the boys, and Karrie did my hair.  Chris, my parents and I went out on the strip the first night to see the sights. That was the night that a street actor, "Elvis" scared the bejeezus out of me. I assumed he was a statue, and was looking at how cool it was when he came toward me to shake my hand. I'm embarrassed just thinking about my reaction. At least my family had a good laugh. I got worked by the penny slots and lost $5 in 5 minutes. 

Another night I went out with Chris and Karrie to the Hard Rock Casino. Karrie played roulette, and we learned some tricks from the guy sitting next to her who won big. Chris took us out to get dessert at the Pink Taco, we had some good laughs. One morning my parents treated us to "Le Buffet" at the Paris Hotel. It looked like a peasant village inside with different storefronts all over complete with a chef in each one. It was fun. The girls took the kids to see the M&M factory where we got little presents for our boys at home. I shopped til I dropped. 

Good times, good memories, I loved seeing all of you! 

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