spring soccer

Soccer season is in full swing. It seems the time has come that our weekends are now being run by sports. Part of me wants to resist, but the boys (all three!) are so excited to be playing, and well, I love watching them! Matthias is coaching Beckham's team this year. He is the youngest on the team, and also the smallest if you can't tell from the pictures. It is also still very cold here. Because of these factors, Beckham was unsure of how he felt out on the field. When he subbed out, he ran to me to sit on my lap, underneath a blanket. Beckham trailed the pack of ballers most of the time, but got to the ball on occasion when he decided to run hard. He was super cute to watch. At the end of the game, he said it was not a good game because he didn't score. We refuted his statement and told him that he ran hard, passed well, and had some good strong kicks - and that he tried his hardest, so he actually had a great game! At this age it's hard to understand that you can still do great even when you don't score! 

Here Beckham is with the ball in his oversized tan jersey.

His best play of the game, he got a stray ball and took it for a run!

Matthias reassuring Bex that he could still play even though he got a grass burn on his knee.

I took this picture to remember just how small Beckham is.  Fernando is the tallest player on our team, wow, what a difference! 

Ty is a new kid out on the field this year. He is very enthusiastic, and is trying so hard to fight his timidness. He's getting in there and trying to take the ball away from the kids. It is such a change, we are so thrilled! He had a smile on his face much of the time, and kept on trying!  

Perfect picture of how he felt out there! All smiles!

Good sports.

Coach's After-Game Analysis: they had fun and passed well!  It is so neat to have such a positive coach. We feel lucky.

Post-Game snacks!  Ty and his buddy, Grant.  They go to the same school. 


ads said...

Oh, the joys of being a soccer mom, huh? The boys are just so dang cute, having fun out there in the frigid Wyoming weather. We love you all !!!

Joseph and Amy Katschke said...

Hey there, we were just having snack and my girls began begging to come and visit you guys! When I said we couldn't go soon, they settled for looking at your blog. We can't believe how big the boys are getting. Tay says to tell Ty that he loves his Jimmer Jersey! He also loves Jimmer! Emma says to tell you she misses you a bunch! Madi says she wishes we can come visit some time, and wants you to tell Beckham that she played soccer this year too. (having 3 in soccer this season, and Joseph coaching, I for 1 am glad to see soccer end!!) They were all jealous that Hannah and Leah got to see you this weekend. We do miss you guys a lot. Glad to see you are doing well!
Love ya!
The Katschkes

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