fishing the Moose Creek

Though my dad caught the biggest trout of his life, the fishing wasn't anything to rave about this year. Matthias spent his fishing time between the Madison and Henry's Lake and caught a few. The boys went out several times on the Moose and also came in with a couple. Between the mosquitoes and the Juneness, it was just a tough year. Ty and Cole also spent some time catching minnows with plastic cups. 

Here's my dad as a 2 year old at the cabin in the late 1950's, and then my dad with his monster of a fish in 2011.

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Papa said...

It seems like I was a better fisherman as a young boy, two or three fish back then, and only one fish now. However, I guess the one now is almost as big as I was then. Too funny Angie, love all the cabin posts and pics! I had a great time with the family! Thanks for sharing!

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