the year of the mosquito

Moose Creek Cabin 2011
The title says it all, well not all, but most of our dealings up at the cabin this year were with the mosquitos. We opted to go in June this year because Matthias is taking the UT bar this July. A mistake we will likely try to avoid at all costs in future years. The mosquitos were pure evil. They sat in a swarm right outside our door, and as soon as you walked out, they attacked! After the first day, we did a mosquito bite count on all of the kids. Ty had about 80, bex had about 100, Kali was much the same, and Cole came in with a whopping 130! We stopped counting after a while. Try as we might to keep the kids covered in bug juice, and clothing, they still found their way to the kids' necks, hair, ears, everywhere! I am surprised one of them didn't end up with yellow fever.  

Despite the mosquitos, the cousins had such a fun time with each other. Its an amazing thing to watch them get a long, make believe, smile, laugh and love each other. They have grown very close and are such great friends. 

Ty and Cole played the Dynamite song over and over and over. They loved break dancing to it. This picture is of all of them around the breakfast table, singing their hearts out to Dynamite. It was so cute. And what's cousin time without jumpin' on the bed? Every night Matthias and I told stories to the kids before bed. They especially loved hearing stories of mischievous Uncle Brad and his escapades.

Nana helped them all make their own Tie-Die shirts. Baby Jarris' onsie was precious! Beckham wore his for four days straight after the cabin. I couldn't get him to take it off to wash it! Aren't they adorable kids?

And how can I pass up the fun time Bex had with his Uncle Eric? He LOVES his Uncle Eric. They have such a fun time teasing each other, and Bex still follows him around and sits with him every chance he gets! It was so great to see baby Jarris for the first time and to hold him. It made me want another little one! 

More cabin posts to come!

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Nana said...

Yes, despite the mosquitos, the cabin was fun. I love that the cousins enjoy each other so much. Thanks for making the effort to come. We love you all!

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