Making Lemonade

One of the first activities the boys wanted to do this summer, was a lemonade stand. They combined forces with the only other kid on our street, and ran the best lemonade stand I've ever seen! They passed out fliers, mixed up lemonade and were very friendly to their customers. Our neighborhood is full of oldies, but they are definately goodies because they all came out to support these youngsters. Each boy walked away with $10 in their pocket. They are already planning their next lemonade stand in August, and want to include muffins and cookies. Oh to be a kid again! What fun!


Sarah M said...

so much to write.
love the stand. solid work boys.
you NEED to teach me how to make a button - like your cooking one. perhaps i can come one day and you can show me your ways.
you're beautiful. seriously.
so sad wednesday didn't work out. so glad no one else got sick.
am i a bad grand daughter that i don't remember grandma jones' sour cream cookies? i will make them.
we need to go climbing soon. you tell us a weekend you are available and let's make it happen.
ok. that's all. for now.

Nana said...

What an awesome lemonade stand. I would buy lemonade and cookies from Ty and Bex for sure (because I am an oldie, you know).

Brad and Marci said...

What a fun time for them and that stand alone would make me want to buy from them. I enjoyed your last few posts especially your birthday one. Way to go out with a bang but to be honest with you I am looking forward to the changing direction my 30's will bring me. I know that you will make each additional year better because you are just that great.

Papa said...

That is one great lemonade stand, with such happy fun boys! I only wish we could get that quality of drink in Utah!

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