riding horses

McKell invited Ty to go horse back riding. I tried to get Ty to wear his cowboy gear, but he wouldn't do it. Something's telling me he's entering the "preteen" stage. Ty had a blast, and Bex and I got to come during the end to see the horses and have snacks. The cute couple that took the kids riding made a little fruit plate and lemonade for the kids, and let them play with their animals and in the barn. They have a little potbelly pig that is a house pet. As in it sleeps inside and has a little piggy-door that it can come and go through as it pleases. It was a riot to watch. The kids fed it most of the fruit plate and then they chased it around the yard. It's belly was to die for! The couple that had the kids out were so generous of their time and so sweet to the kids!

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Nana said...

Ah, the good life in Wyoming. Anj, don't you want a pet pig at your house? You could rub it's little belly day and night.

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