cowabunga bay

My parents usually treat us all to a water park over the summer - and this year was totally awesome! I only wish Matthias could have been there. To start my mom made a scrumptious breakfast and had her backyard set up all cute with tables. It was the perfect setting, her yard is so beautiful! Then we headed out to Cowabunga Bay! It was so much fun being with everyone in the family. Chris and Karrie had just moved back to SLC, baby Jarris came, all the cousins played hard together, and it was fun to have my parents there. A big thanks to all three of my brothers for taking Ty and Bex down the water slides over and over so I could chat with the girls. Nana went around the lazy river with the kids almost non stop, and Papa laid out and bought us all pizza! We have fun together!

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Nana said...

That sure was a way fun day and we love all our family so much. We have the most precious grandchildren in the whole world !!!

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