The drive to and from the cabin, by way of Wyoming, is breathtaking. We pass the Tetons every time we go, but have never stopped to explore them. We want to try to stop for a night our next time through. 

Wyoming side.

Idaho side. 

I regret I did not get any pictures of my mom this year. My mom really is the heart of the cabin. She brings fun things for the kids to do, spends quality time with each of us, organizes and cooks fabulous meals, goes on walks with me, snuggles her grand babies, rescues little cries of help, scratches mosquito bites, rocks babies to sleep, warms up meals for late night fishermen, and always listens to their fishing stories. I love you Mom. Thanks for making the cabin special for each of us!

Dad, thank you for providing such a fun place for us to go up as a family.  There are so many memories made there, I cherish every one. We have quite a history there as a family, and I look forward to many more years of memories. What is the cabin without a Papa who tells bear stories and can get his boys into some big fish? Love you too Dad. Thank you. 


Nana said...

Tons of great cabin pictures, Anj. Again, we love you all, love the cabin, and love spending time there with our family. No more June trips !

Brad and Marci said...

What a sweet post! I second those comments made about your mom and dad. I had a great time at the cabin and I am so glad that my kids get to enjoy all those fun memories you all had growing up.

Samye said...

Just found your blog again- looks like you guys are doing great. The pictures are fabulous, and I can't BELIEVE how big your boys are!!!

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