Young Women's Camp 2011

I was the camp director for the young women in my ward this year. I didn't really love the preparation for camp because I got asked to do it a little late, and it was a bit of a headache trying to get everything ready on time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the camping experience with the girls. I had heard horror stories of the drama that comes with girls camping and so I was slightly nervous but very motivated at the same time to make this the best camping experience the girls have ever had. And so with all of that hard work, and a lot of help from the other leaders (we had our own camp cook couple), our camp turned out to be a success! Besides a little bit of whining and slacking off at the service project, the girls had a great time, good attitudes, helped, and were really nice to each other. I was so happy in the end. 

Some of the highlights include: finding a spooky, abandoned cabin and the girls breaking in to explore. Our Cinderella Skit on chastity that took the show. The girls were amazing actresses! The Piel's were our camp cooks and took such great care of us! Our ward quickly became known for having the best food!  Our new Bishop took the girls on a hunt for Navajo Sam and got really spooked! They talked about it for days! Ramona Jack brought up a big bath tub, foot scrub, lotion, and polishes for manicures and pedicures. The girls loved it and it came at perfect time when were were almost at our stinkiest! It rained every afternoon, and so we had lots of time to talk and do crafts underneath our big tent. And last, during testimony night hearing some of the new girls testimonies and how they love their Heavenly Father and want to do what is right. 

I feel so lucky that I could experience girls camp again, and get to know the amazing young women in my ward. I always loved going to girls camp when I was a youth, and it was a treat to experience it again as a leader! 

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Nana said...

You always do everything up so well. Great job on a super successful girl's camp. Will you come be our camp director next year?

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