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We had the option of sending Beckham to kindergarten or keeping him home one more year because he has such a late birthday. With his personality and how small he is, we thought it would be great to give him one more year to get a little bigger and to temper his volitile (at times) temperament. He is loving his preschool, and is really eating up the fact that he is the oldest and that he can be a big helper to his teachers. 

We are hoping that this will be a good thing for him in many areas. He will become more of a leader, he will feel more confident as he enters kindergarten, he will be bigger in sports in the later years, will be able to drive and date as a sophomore, etc.  

I was slightly put out thinking that I was giving up my only year to be at home without kids (we are hoping to add more to our family soon, hopefully sometime next year I will be taking care of a baby). I had thought up many grand plans of what I was going to do being kid-less during the day. Fun projects, a clean house, maybe even work a little! However, I am excited to have one more year with my Beckham being home. Often times Ty steals the show because he is older and gets to do things that Bex doesn't get to do yet. Bex often gets told to hold on, to wait. And so I think, I hope, that this will be great for both of us, and we won't kill each other by the end of the school year!  ;)  

Love you Bex! You are pure joy!

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Nana said...

Bex is such a handsome handful of pure boy! We love, love, love that little guy and hope you both enjoy your alone time together. I loved having just Chris the year before he started school. He was my buddy and we both have fond memories of things we got to do with just us.

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