labor day 2011

We met up with my cousin, Sarah, and her family for the holiday. They showed us an adventurous time - they took us to a rock climbing spot perfect for the kids. Nick and Matthias belayed and all the kids to amazing heights. After the kids went up a few times each, they MADE me go up, really, Matthias wouldn't let me get out of it. I was terrified the whole way up, but am so glad I did it. Way fun. Sarah got some great shots of the kids, I was only able to steal these two pictures before it wouldn't let me anymore. Weird. Check out her blog for some more amazing pictures. 

After, we drove up to Estes Park for our first time since moving here. We perused the Art Festival, got some ice cream, and headed home! Thanks S&N for a perfect day. We loved it and look forward to more  adventures with you! 

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Nana said...

You are all fearless. The one time I had a climbing rope on (with Grant), I lost my grip and swung around out in space. Grant had a heart attack and I just thought I was a dork.

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