pyro city

Our fourth of July was very low key this year. I got the boys cute red,white and blue shirts and tattoos to wear. They were all decked out and in the 4th of July spirit.  When we showed up at the ward breakfast, Ty got super embarrassed that nobody else had went all out. We really needed you there Uncle Chris to make Ty feel a little more comfortable in his tattoos. Heehee. He was so mad at me, and kept saying, "Nobody else is wearing this stuff!" Once he got over it, he and Bex participated in a fun run. Ty played in the water balloon tossing contest and Bex played in a soccer game. 

We went to a friend's house for a late afternoon BBQ, and then we all headed over to the fairgrounds to watch the city's firework show. Being in pyro city, they had a great show. Happy 4th!

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Nana said...

Such a fun and busy 4th of July. Ty will someday appreciate the work his mommy always did to be not only festive, but patriotic.

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